Preparing for Pregnancy and Childbirth Album

by Glenda Cedarleaf, Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Hi Im Glenda Cedarleaf clinical hypnotherapist. and guided imagery practitioner Welcome to your guided imagery journey for pregnancy and child birth-- THis is one of the most important events in your life and guided imagery will help you relax your body so you will be clearly prepared for this procedure. research has shown that practicing relaxation and guided imagery--- can • Reduce stress and enhance relaxation • Relieve negative physical symptoms of pregnancy • • Decrease fear and anxiety • it can help you mother's adjust to physical and emotional changes through pregnancy, childbirth and post partum • Provide pain relief during pregnancy and childbirth • GI Prepares the body and the mind for smooth and timely labor and delivery • and Calms the baby during labor, delivery, and adjusting to its new environment • GI Speeds up healing times after delivery • and just as athletes successfully prepare for their events by visualizing their process in advance---you too can prepare now for pregnancy and childbirth by using the power of this ancient practice -this Audio is created to be a comforting companion to support you--in mind body and spirit As you prepare now for this important event in your life. Each of the tracks on this audio are individual journeys that you can mix and match to help you relax focus and tap into the wisdom and power of your deepest resources,-- The next two tracks following this introduction are specific guided imagery journeys that addresses pregnancy and childbirth. The first track prepares you in advance and you can begin listening and helps you stay connected with empowering, relaxing and inspiring images and suggestions to support you through this process. The next track includes affirmations for childbirth. It is a shorter track that you can listen to while doing chores, driving or exercising because unlike the rest of the tracks, it does not lead you into a hypnotic state. Rather it is created to guide your conscious mind to focus on positive images and suggestions. The remaining tracks on this audio are not specific to childbirth-- They offer foundational tools and focused strategies of calming the mind and body. including belly breathing, progressive relaxation, overall healing and well-being and deepening into a restorative sleep. .So I invite you now to settle into a comfortable place and choose at least one track to listen to each day. . It's best to listen right before you go to sleep at night or right when you wake up--that is when your unconscious is most receptive to suggestions-- And of course, on the day of your delivery you can listen to the tracks as you move through your labor and childbirth--- May these journeys be an ever present companion for you during this amazing time in your life. Congratulations and blessings to you on this journey of birth.


from Jean Frederick R.N.
Registered Nurse with over 30 years experience in Womens Health, with a particular interest in reproductive care.

"Research now shows that women who prepare mentally, by combining deep relaxation, with Guided Imagery in Childbirth, will often demonstrate fewer complications, less discomfort and experience shorter labor.

I personally believe that these CD's will offer women a choice for a more comfortable, satisfying pregnancy, and childbirth experience.

I only wish Glenda and her CD's had been available when I was preparing for my own pregnancy and childbirth experience!"

"I have been working with Glenda Cedarleaf's "Preparing for Childbirth" audio through my third trimester. The imagery, relaxation, and guided meditation have put me on a journey of feeling prepared to give birth to my baby-- replacing feelings of being fearful or scared. Glenda's voice soothes and reassures, even as it encourages women to draw on the strength and wisdom we have inside of in the labor and delivery of our babies.

The tools for relaxation have also helped me through some of the more difficult parts of this final stage of pregnancy -- namely assisting with getting to sleep, and helping me better cope with back and hip pain. While physical therapy is helping realign my body to lesson the back and hip pain, after I do my PT exercises, I've been working with the "Preparing for Childbirth" audio as a way to help me relax my body and return my mind to a state of calm.

I will certainly be taking Glenda -- or at least her audio!-- into the the labor and delivery room with me, and am so grateful that I will have that resource to draw from when the time comes."

-Amy T, Chicago, IL


released June 10, 2017


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