Beginning Again

by Glenda Cedarleaf, Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Revised 1/5/21 with longer pauses for processing.

This audio inspires the process of beginning again--Invoking the energy of starting anew. You can use it when you want to anchor your new decision into your body.
You will connect with empowering images of the past. These images inspire the creation of a lens through which to see your current challenges so you can move forward with greater clarity and motivation.

Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke

Beginning Again script excerpt:

Breathing in and imagining that you are taking the first breath of this waking moment---
Your waking self, awakening to your life today
Bring your attention now to your belly,
breathe in deeply and listen to your belly—
place your hand, inhaling deep into your belly—
And then releasing, exhaling all that no longer serves you in this moment--
Your belly is guiding you today on this journey—
Breathing deeply, noticing any concerns that may bubble up
And then exhaling and then connecting even deeper into this core of your being, Into your core---tapping here into the limitless possibilities
that fill you with hope and strength again---

Picture and imagine now, a memory of when you felt so strong,
When in your body was a sense of clarity and wisdom and strength---
Taking a moment to let that image become clearer---perhaps like turning the lens of the camera
until all comes into focus, it is clearer now to you---and the cells in your body
Remember—this feeling—even if it seems like an ancient memory—it is nonetheless
Remembered in your body---
And as you tune into this feeling of strength and empowerment-----
Allow yourself to imagine now stepping across a bridge.."



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Glenda Cedarleaf, Clinical Hypnotherapist North Carolina

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